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The Machines That Ate the Market

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The Machines That Ate the Market fonte:
Once upon a time, human beings oversaw the trading of stocks. They've been replaced by a complex system of computers that can produce a scary new kind of mechanized panic. An investigation into the crash of May 6

The New Sells the Idea of Gov Data fonte:
Even a quick glance at the screen shot above reveals something. When it launched last February, had data itself front in center.

EFF: Your Browser Has a Fingerprint fonte:
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has published results from a study of nearly half a million website visitors' browsers and concluded that the settings configurations exposed to sites we visit are close enough to unique to identify repeat visitors with a high degree of accuracy even if cookies are deleted.

The call of Babylon: Why some travelers are braving Iraq fonte:
International airlines are once again landing in Iraq, the conflict-wracked home to some of the ancient wonders of the world.

Has the iPhone lost its cool? fonte:
Did Google just turn the tables on Apple?

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